Visits to the Monastery

The monastery is open for visits:
In the summer period from 8am to 6pm
In the winter period from 8am to 4pm

Schedule of worship

Working day:
Morning worship at 6am
Evening service at 5.30pm

Holy Liturgy:
Thursday and Saturday at 7am

Schedule of worship during Holidays

Vigil during the holidays at 4.30pm
Holy Liturgy at 8am
Evening service in the summer at 5pm, in the winter at 4pm.

Acatist to the Holy Prince of Lazar on Sunday after evening service.

Coffin with the relics of St. Prince Lazar is open on the holiday and on Sunday during the Holy Liturgy and on Sundays during the reading of the acatist.

How to reach the Monastery

Мonastery Ravanica,
35233 Senje
The Monastery is located 10 km from Ćuprija on the Belgrade – Niš highway.